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You've probably ended up here because someone has handed you my business card or you've seen it posted on one of my many social media profiles (Twitter, Linkedin or one of my many Facebook pages).

In summary, my name is Natalie Reynolds (as the website suggests) and I'm a Social Media Coach based in Swansea, South Wales (UK)!  I simply show businesses how to utilise Social Media sites as a marketing tool through Coaching Sessions and Workshops!  I'm always networking, both online and face-to-face and have a real passion for helping businesses do better.

Social Media Coaching

So what is it and why do I need it?

Social Media is fast becoming the most effective way to communicate with your customers both new and existing!

Many businesses across the UK and worldwide are embracing Social Media as part of their Marketing Strategies to boost brand awareness and sales – even employing staff to deploy their messages across the internet via Social Media!

“How can Natalie help?”

As the Social Media ‘World’ can be a daunting to those who have not ventured into it - I provide ‘Coaching Sessions’ and Workshops as an efficient and effective way to introduce Social Media to your business. I will provide you the skills and knowledge you need to move forward!

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